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Free Pop Up Blocker

Picture of Free Pop Up Blocker.Advertising companies are becoming more aggressive in getting their messages across to internet users. Pop-up ads can be very annoying and may interfere with the running of certain processes. Many of the latest browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer incorporate free popup blockers such as internet explorer free pop up blocker. If your browser does not have a free pop up blocker, there is a wide range of free pop up blocker software available for download.

The best of these are;
• Google toolbar: Comes inclusive of a free pop up blocker. The toolbar allows you to perform searches without having to open the Google search page itself. The pop up blocker is built into the search toolbar. The toolbar supports windows systems only. The version of your browser should not be earlier than internet explorer version 5.5.

• Alexa toolbar with a built in search box has a pop up blocker included. Like Google toolbar, it only runs on Windows and nothing earlier than internet explorer version 5. You can use the toolbar to discover more information about a site such as the author and how popular it is.

• Yahoo companion is also a toolbar with an inbuilt pop up blocker. Although it does not block all pop ups, it does reduce the number significantly. The inbuilt search box uses yahoo’s search engine. The system requirements for this toolbar are similar to those of the Alexa toolbar.

• MSN toolbar similarly has an inbuilt pop up guard that blocks pop up ads. You can use MSN’s search engine from a different page. You can use the toolbar for easier navigation to MSN messenger or to launch Hotmail. The system requirements for the MSN toolbar are Windows 98, 2000, ME or XP. It is supported by internet explorer versions not earlier than 5.01.