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Best Free Antivirus Review - Download Anti Virus for Free

Why would anyone want free trial antivirus software? We can all say something nasty about our unforgettable experience with our antivirus.

The worst part is when you remember that you bought it for a fortune or as a bundle offer or was a free antivirus and it had you elated but has left you a lot more dejected.

But you have help now, in terms of free software that works, online. So do not be shy, everyone’s using antivirus software freeware, suffer no more when you decide to hit the search button for answers, for it might leave you more undecided as each site claims to have the free antivirus trial or best free online antivirus and they will never seem to agree on which of those available is what you are looking for.

It is always imperative to identify what your problem is at first so you may have an idea of what you want; and most will insist they want the best free antivirus. 

Picture of Avast Best Free Antivirus.

AVAST Free Antivirus

AVAST free antivirus is one of the few free antivirus programs with a comfortably high detection rate and a thorough anti-spyware utility that really puts to shame most commercial programs.


Picture of Free Antivirus Compare.

Picture of AVG Best Free Antivirus.

AVG Free Antivirus

AVG antivirus remains amongst the most popular antivirus programs and continues to receive the highest number of file downloads amongst computer security files available online.


Picture of Free Anti-virus.

Picture of Avira Antivir.

AVIRA Free Antivirus Software 

No free antivirus pays close attention to mal ware like AVIRA ANTIVIR Free antivirus does. What is so good about it is its catchy colors and warm looking interface that is well laid out to access the different features that come with the package.


Picture of ClamWin.

Clam Win Antivirus

Clam Win Free antivirus’ malware, spyware and adware handler is also exceptional for a program sizing up to well under eight megabytes on your disk drive.

Clam Win>>

Picture of Rising Antivirus.

Rising Antivirus

Rising antivirus program’s ability to combat even the toughest of Asian spyware and malware, a constant source of trouble for online systems, is unmatched.

Rising Antivirus>>

However, while everyone thinks they know which the is best free antivirus, choosing may be a problem. Common sense will tell you the smaller in size it is, the less effective it can be. This does not mean that the bigger the better. The quest for the best free antivirus is left to the user as much of the hype that each of these products attract could be considered populist but at the end of the day, it’s the functionality that counts, or rather how capable a program is in terms of pleasing you with its outcome. A review of some of the most competitive are listed below; all things considered. 

Picture of Avast Antivirus.


AVAST Free Antivirus Software 

From a little known antivirus to a headliner as one of the best free anti virus, AVAST Home edition free antivirus has superseded many earlier products and claimed its place among the best free antivirus programs in all reviews for its ability to detect the most elusive of all infiltrations.

Not only does it spot a beautifully crafted media player-like interface, it also has customizing options that define how to handle spyware, infiltrations and updates, among other things.

It is able to scan when booting and also when downloading to assure you on the safety of your computer. Its high virus detection rates and active protection status that is always on, a VRDB feature that repairs all your infected files upon scanning with it and a 60 day free trial period would leave anyone left with no choice but to opt for it.

Being a Free Antivirus Software that works on 64bit (best antivirus vista) platforms, it is widely in use, but sadly has no progress bar or report tab and this makes it get a low rating of 87.46% from 


Picture of Bitdefender Antispyware Personal Firewall.


AVIRA ANTIVIR Personal Free Antivirus Software 

Heralded as one of the best free antivirus software around, it boasts of an easy on the eye interface, it can be used for non-official use too, though it was made for home use.

Due to its lightness on the processor, it is not only fast but effective. The configuration is simple and any novice would never have any trouble with it, and additional options are various and make sense.

The ability of this package to detect viruses worms Trojans and infiltrations is amazing and makes it hard to believe it comes free. The website rates its detection rate at a whopping 94.26%! 



 Picture of AVG Best Free Antivirus.

AVG Free Antivirus Software 

Labeled the most popularfree antiviruson the Internet due to the number of downloads and reviews; it has the ability to cater for the most critical of threats. Security-specific features like anti spyware make it more useful in combating more infiltrations and how to handle them, enhancing internet security.

This giant amongbest antivirus software’s interface is also easy to use and gives additional information, including a comprehensive help function that is available each step of the way. AVG is also very undemanding on the processor and has a frequent update source that can be scheduled or made automatic.

It has made it to the top list ofbest free anti virusby making it easy to configure, good detection rate and performance even when scanning.

The downside though, is its ability to scan deep into compressed files and this makes it get a paltry 88.82% from

 Picture of Rising Antivirus.

Rising Antivirus 

Rising Antivirus’ ability to protect the average internet surfer from attacks that come through online transactions, games, chat and download centers makes this a great program.

Rising Antivirus not only detects, handles and prevents viruses, worms and Trojans from damaging your files but also the frequent updates that come from the Rising Antivirus server headquarters of the  Far East, notably the Chinese who have made this product.

There is also a free antivirus download vista version on its sites. 



 Picture of Clamwin Antivirus.

Clam Win Antivirus

Move aside Microsoft Windows XP fans, Open Source users have luck on their side when they try the Clam Win Antivirus tool.

It is considered to be among the best free antivirus programsand is more of a tool than a complete antivirus because it lacks basic configuration add-ons that are common in most programs.

Clam Win Antivirus has no real time scanner but its programmers who support it counter that with frequent updates, standalone scanner and regular fixes.

It also concentrates on removal of spyware and records a lower score at virus detection and removal. 


Picture of Top Antivirus.